Why Us?


We have 2 main ctrieria

  • Be Original
  • Use sustainable materials

Be Original

We are one off the wall company when it comes to guitar products. Our famous Wedge is inspired by the early Blues Instruments from the Deep South of America, the Delta. The Wedge has received high acclaim from the specialist press. You can't believe the great sounds you get from a tin can and a piece of wood its one awesome one string guitar. 

We offer a Cigar Box Guitar, made using a high grade laminated neck and original Cigar Box, imported from the USA, it's loud and looks incredible. The press also adored our CBG liking the build quality and its incredible sound.

Tonk Bros, the Original Honky 'Tonk' Guitar. Made by Tonk Bros craftsmen to the highest standards and using cutting edge engineering to make an incredible Smaller Body Acoustic Guitar. The instrument is made from Birch, just like a lot of the early Pre-War Guitars were. Superb authenticity combined with cutting edge British Design and Technology.

Use Sustainable Materials

Tonk Bros takes the long term view that materials such as Spruce and Cedar from very old trees 600-1000 years old are no longer as widely available as once were. To get a solid top you have to use timber from thses sources. These natural resources are depleteing rapidly. The number of exotic timbers the normal mainstay of guitar building such as rosewood, mahogany and ebony for example are now at a critical stage

Tonk Bros uses PEFC & FSC sourced Premium Grade Birch Ply. We search out the most sustainable materials available. This does come at an additional cost. We also use materials such as Richlite for our Bridges on our guitars. A man made mix of paper & resin that is also FSC. This material is highly durable and expensive to machine does meet our criteria