Ladder Bracing

Every Tonk Bros Instrument is made in our UK workshop. We work with specialist UK partner companies close to us to provide our wooden parts. The chosen material is Premium Grade Birch Ply. We found it the perfect match for the Original Blues Sound the other benefit is that it is sustainable


Back bracing


The neck of our Tonk Bros Parlour Guitar is made from laminated Premium Birch Ply. It has an original look when finish is applied is very strong and stable. We no longer use a truss rod in our guitars but have superseded this with a carbon fibre insert to avoid movement in the neck itself. Once the carbon fibre has been placed in its machined slot the fingerboard is then glued on and cramped until dry

Neck showing tenon














Our Original Wedges

It's back the Original Wedge made from PEFC Spruce Glulam with the Original Black Box and our Bean Can

Our Wedges are now made also from Premium Grade Birch Ply. We laminate together some six pieces using dowels so that the Wedge body is strong

Cigar Box Guitars

We source our boxes from the USA. Purely as the UK boxes have the Smoking Kills stickers on them. We make the Cigar Box Guitar necks in our workshop. We use Premium Grade Birch Ply with a Sapele insert and fingerboard