Tonk Bros takes sustainability and environmental issues very seriously. All Tonk Bros products fully comply with the strict laws in regard to EUTR and CITES.

Tonk Bros Guitars has taken this even further. The following UK product is made with FSC sourced materials
  • The Wedge
  • Wedge 3 String
  • All Cigar Box Guitars
  • All Tonk Bros Guitars
  • Short Scale Basses

There are mounting concerns about the considerable use of illegal timber. Illegal timber is the cutting down of trees where no permission has been given. This also apply to species of Timber that are not endangered. It is very lucrative as it applies to older trees with an age range of between 600-1000 years old. As a guide a solid spruce top found on a regular acoustic guitar will have come from a tree of this age.

Therefore to make as sure as is feasibly possible Tonk Bros uses Premium Grade Birch Ply. This material is FSC and PEFC sourced. Premium Grade Birch Ply that complies with FSC & PEFC is a more expensive material.

Tonk Bros endeavours to continue to use these materials. We don't believe in using Endangered Species just to make a guitar look nice. We believe you can do it another way.